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General Server Rules

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  1. No advertising other servers or posting links/ips.

    This isn't a YouTube video or a server list site. We don't need you advertising your Minecraft server, your community, or anything else here.
  2. No hacked/modified clients, macros, autoclickers, x-ray textures, cheating, duping, or exploiting bugs.

    These aren't allowed as they give users an unfair advantage over others and ruin the fun. Duplicating items (duping) and exploiting bugs are not allowed. If a functional duplication glitch or other bug is discovered, you must report it to an administrator immediately.
  3. No griefing claimed land or around claimed land.

    Generally, unclaimed land is fair game, however that has its limits. Needless destruction of landscape is not allowed, especially near other users claims. If you need to gather resources, try to do so below ground, and clean up after yourself. Don't leave forests stripped of leaves, or giant holes scattered around. Everything in a claim belongs to the claim owner, regardless of who put it there. If you destroy something in a claim without the claim owner's permission, and the claim owner isn't okay with it, you could be punished, so don't do it!
  4. No claiming around 2+ sides of other players claims without permission.

    Be respectful of others. Blocking them from expanding their claim by claiming around them isn't very nice. If you don't want them building near you, then ask them to move to somewhere else, or move yourself to somewhere else.
  5. No anti-AFK machines (things that prevent you from going AFK).

    Anti-AFK machines, or as they're sometimes called, AFK machines, are anything that prevents you from going AFK without you personally interacting with the game. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • water loops
    • minecart loops
    • pistons which move you repeatedly
    • infinite 'jumping' glitches, such as with water and a fence
    • placing something on your keyboard, or using a macro/script to move indefinitely
  6. Keep mob farms and contraptions to a reasonable level. If you're not sure, ask staff.

    While it's great fun to build massive mob farms, contraptions, etc..., they can also be very taxing on the server, and economically detrimental. So please be considerate of this while building!
  7. No racism, racial slurs, or excessive profanity.

    Fairly self explanatory. Racism, racial slurs, or builds/art of the same sort are strictly prohibited. A little profanity here or there is fine, but keep it under control.
  8. No non-English languages in main chat.

    Our staff team is only required to know English and are not capable of moderating in all languages, so we require that all communication in the main chat to be in English. If you want to speak another language, take it to private messages.
  9. No baiting, disrespecting, or ignoring staff.

    The staff have enough to worry about as-is. Don't make their lives more difficult, or you might be finding a new server to play on.
  10. No using alternate accounts to bypass limits or punishments.

    Keep it fair. Using multiple accounts to gain extra voting rewards, or to bypass item limits isn't fair for everyone else. If you were punished, then try to bypass the punishment with another account, you're just going to get the alternate account, and possibly your main account banned. Don't do it.