Contact Us

Before contacting us, have you checked the applicable FAQ? If not, the links can be found in the navigation menu!

Please use the below guide for how to contact us!

Billing Issues/Questions
Please email [email protected] with any billing issues or questions.

If your issue or question is concerning a purchase, please include the Transaction ID found in your receipt email. If you did not receive, or no longer have access to this, please include as much of the following information as possible:
  • Server/service the transaction was for
  • Payment date/time (including timezone)
  • Minecraft username or UUID
  • Package(s) purchased
  • Transaction amount
  • Payment method/gateway
Player or Staff Reports, Bug Reports, and Suggestions
For those concerning the Tekkit Classic server; please use the appropriate channels on the Tekkit Classic Discord server.
If unable to submit your report or suggestion through one of the above methods, please send an email with your report as follows:
Player/Staff Reports
Email [email protected] including information such as your Minecraft username or UUID, the involved player/staff username(s) or UUID(s), why you are reporting them, when the issue occurred (including timezone), where the issue occurred (including server), and any screenshots or videos to support your claims.
Bug Reports
Email [email protected] including information such as your Minecraft username or UUID, what the bug is, how it occurred, when it occurred (including timezone), where it occurred (including server), how we can replicate it, and any screenshots or videos applicable to this bug.
Email [email protected] including information such as your Minecraft username or UUID, which server or service the suggestion is directed at, and a detailed description of your suggestion.
Discord will be the fastest way to receive assistance. Our email boxes are not monitored 24/7, so there may be delays in responses.
Staff Applications
Please visit for information about applying for staff.
Punishment Appeals
Email [email protected] to appeal your punishment.
Please include information such as:
  • Your relevant username and/or UUID.
  • What server or service you were punished on.
  • When you were punished.
  • Why you were punished.
  • How long you were punished for, if temporary.
Any other questions or concerns can be directed to the appropriate Discord server for the service they concern, or to [email protected].