General Information

Server Information

Server IP
Game Version
Minecraft 1.2.5
Modpack Version
Tekkit Classic 3.1.2

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Voting Information


Voting Rewards

Some voting rewards can be increased by maintaining a vote streak (up to 8x), and with reward bonuses from certain rainks

Current Base Rewards1
  • $10,000 In-Game Money
  • 500 Claim Blocks
  • 1 Random Crate Key
  • 2 Cookies
  • 2 Diamonds
  • 0.875 Energy Condenser (Requires vote streak or reward bonus to receive, rounded down)
  • 0.5 Red Matter (Requires vote streak or reward bonus to receive, rounded down)
Vote Streak Rate
Vote streaks add +100% to your vote rewards for every 7 days of your streak, or a little under +15% per day, up to a maximum of +800%


1 As of Mar 1, 2024

Custom Features

Unique Features

Cloud Chests
Cloud Chests are your personal virtual item storage. Cloud Chests are tied to your UUID, and not your username, so they'll stick with you even when you change your name. Cloud Chests are also never reset, even when the map is, so you never have to worry about losing what's inside it.
UTShop is a unique and custom chat-based shop system that bases prices off EMC values and uses dynamic pricing that adjusts to the economy.
Unlike other servers, we use a custom Keep-Inventory system that doesn't lose your stuff even if you disconnect instead of respawning right away.

Other Features

Pick up mob spawners using a silk touch pickaxe! Each player can place up to two mob spawners at a time.
Buy lottery tickets with /BuyTickets, and view information about the current lottery's pot with /Pot.
Grief Prevention
Claim your land with a golden shovel, and trust others to it with /Trust.

Server/Mod Changes

These are changes to the normal behavior of the server or mods that we have made

Faster Pneumatic Tubes
Pneumatic tubes have been sped up to match the speed of magtubes to reduce the amount of time items spend travelling through tubes.
Better Geothermal Generators
Geothermal generators have received an increase in internal storage from 20 EU to 24,000 EU.
Geothermal generators automatically turn off once the internal storage is full, then remain off until empty. This eliminates the old flickering behavior, as well as the lag associated with geothermal generators.
Safe Cropmatrons
Cropmatrons now drop excess Weed-Ex when a stack of more than one is placed into its inventory.
Luminating Luminators
Luminators no longer flicker or cause lag.
Anti-Redstone Clock
Redstone clocks violating the 1 second timer minimum are automatically detected and removed.
Improved Turtle Tunnels
Mining turtles have received some additional tunnel commands: BigTunnel (length) which creates a 3x3 tunnel, as well as SmallTunnel (length) which creates a 1x2 tunnel.
Trustworthy Turtles
Mining turtles can be trusted to claims. Use the Trust command in your turtle's console to see how to trust it.
Capacitive Transformers
Transformers can now pass significantly more power than before:
HV Transformers pass up to 262,144 EU/t, instead of 2,048 EU/t.
MV Transformers pass up to 65,536 EU/t, instead of 512 EU/t.
LV Transformers pass up to 16,384 EU/t, instead of 128 EU/t.
All transformers still convert (and invert) power as normal. (HV: EV -> HV, MV: HV -> MV; LV: MV -> LV)
Duplications Destroyed
Over 30 different duplication exploits have been patched on the server. Many while still maintaining intended functionality of the items involved.
Intelligent Anti-Lag
Our server uses a custom anti-lag system that prevents monstrous factories or lag machines from causing excessive strain on the server. Chunks that take too much of the server's time to process get put on cooldown and won't be processed proportional to how much extra time they took to process beyond what they should have taken. Chunks that go way beyond reasonable amounts of time to process will be partially processed then skipped to prevent holdups.

Custom Plugins


ServerElements, or SE, is the core of UT-MC.

Development for ServerElements initially began with our now defunct Vanilla server as a more wholly integrated and polished alternative to many publicly available plugins.

ServerElements was integrated into the Tekkit Classic server in August of 2023, and will slowly be taking the place of most if not all the "Crux" and "UT" families of plugins, along with several others!


View the link to apply for staff.
View a list of banned items.
View the link to submit a bug report.
/ClearInventory [Undo | Confirm | ToggleConfirm]
Clear your inventory, or restore your cleared inventory. Note: This is restricted to users with creative access.
View the link to our contact information.
View a list of disabled items.
View a link to join our Discord server.
/DurabilityNotifier [Enable | Disable]
Toggle tool durability notifications.
Place the item you're holding on your head!
/Message (Name) (Message)
Send a private message to another user.
View a link to download patches, texture packs, and more for Tekkit Classic.
View a link to submit a player report.
/Playtime [Leaderboard]
View your playtime, or the playtime leaderboard.
Teleport to a random location.
View your current rank and conditions for ranking up.
View a link to our subreddit.
/Reply (Message)
Reply to the last user who messaged you.
/Rules [Page]
View the server rules.
/Seen (Name)
See when another player was last online.
/Session [Page]
View a list of your sessions on the server.
View a list of online staff members.
View a link to the server store.
View a link to submit a suggestion.
Toggle chat into and out of auto-reply mode.
View a link to our website.
View a link to the Tekkit Classic wiki.


UTShop is our custom chat-based shop system.

Prices for items are based on their EMC values. For items without EMC values, the EMC values of their materials are used to calculate their equivalent EMC value for pricing.

As of 2021, UTShop handles item sales in a new unique way. Rather than taking one item from each player's stock until enough have been sold, sales are done proportionally to how much of the total stock each player has for sale. The user selling the most of an item will make the most from each sale, but everyone selling the item will make at least something.


/Buy (Item Name or ID) [Amount]
Purchase an item for the suggested price1.
/CancelSell (Item Name or ID) [Amount or All]
Cancel selling some or all of an item that you placed for sale. Note: A small fee based on the item's value is charged when doing this.
/ISell [Amount or All]
Instantly sell the item you're holding directly to the server. You will be paid the '/ISell' price listed in /Price.
/Price [Item Name or ID] [Amount]
View price information for the item you're holding, or the specified item.
/Sell [Amount or All]
Place the item you're holding up for sale. You won't get paid until people buy some of that item.
/Selling [Page #]
View a paged list of items that you currently have up for sale.
/Stock [Item Name or ID]
View information about how many of an item are currently in stock.
/UTShop [Sub-Command]
View information about the UTShop plugin.
View information about your current /ISell limit.
View a paged list of all the items that have been bought from you through UTShop.
View a summary of your earnings with UTShop.
View a paged list of your UTShop transaction history.
View a paged list of items bought from UTShop by total amount of money spent on that type of item (adjusted for inflation).
View a paged list of items sold with UTShop by total amount of money earned from that type of item (adjusted for inflation).


1 Items that are out of stock will be purchased from the server for above suggested price.

Crux + UT

Crux and UT are our primary custom plugin families.


/BuyTickets (Amount)
Purchase lottery tickets.
/Calculator (Expression)
Perform simple calculations in-game. Supports addition (1+2), subtraction (3-4), multiplication (5*6), division (7/8), exponents (9^10), square root (sqrt(11)), sine (sin(12)), cosine (cos(13)), tangent (tan(14)), and grouping using parenthesis.
Open your personal Cloud Chest.
/Hug (Name, Accept, or Deny)
Request to hug another user, or respond to their hug request.
Toggle keep-inventory on or off. (Default: On)
/Limited [List] [Page #]
View your item limit usage, or a paged list of your currently placed limited items.
View information about the current lottery.
/Marriage (List, Name, Divorce, Status, Accept, or Deny)
View active marriages, manage your marriage, and propose to other players.
Toggle Red Morning Star usage in claims.
Toggle PVP on or off. (Default: Off)
Toggle a visible outline of the chunk you're in.
Smelt the stack of items in your hand1.
Take your own life.
Trust BuildCraft machines (quarries, fillers, builders, pumps, etc...) to your claim.
/Time [Day or Night]
Check the current time, or change the time for a fee.
Trust RedPower machines (frame motors, pumps, block breakers, deployers, etc...) to your claim.
View the links to the voting sites.
Toggle vote rewards on or off. (Default: On)
Open a virtual crafting table anywhere1.


1 This command is only accessible by certain ranks.