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Reset Complete


The map reset has completed!

As I'm sure you can tell by now, the map reset has completed, and the server is now back online and available for you to join!


Map Reset


The map on Tekkit Classic will be resetting on May 1, 2023!

As a result of a recent poll on Discord, we will be resetting the map on May 1st.

The map reset is expected to start at 8PM US Eastern, and should take no more than two hours.

The following will be kept through the map reset:

  • Ranks (Playtime and Paid)
  • Playtime
  • Vote Streaks
  • Cloud Chests*
  • Paid Rank Money
  • Claim Blocks (128k Limit)
  • Waypoints (Client-Side)

*Alchemy bags and ender chests/bags stored in Cloud Chests will not retain their items.

If something was not listed here, it's safe to assume it will not be kept.

Be sure to stock up your Cloud Chest before the map reset! Use /CC in-game to access yours. I recommend filling it with useful items for getting started, rather than a bunch of end-game stuff like HV Solars, Red Matter, etc... Start fresh with the new map, don't cheat yourself to the end!

Be sure to join us on Discord to vote in future polls and stay in the loop with all things UT!


Store Closure


The UT-MC store has officially been closed!

For anyone out of the loop (this has been announced several times on Discord), Enjin is terminating their web builder services at the end of this month. As the old store relies on that service, we have no choice but to close it.

We've chosen to close it slightly ahead of Enjin ending the service so we have time to ensure all important data is backed up and exported before it is all lost.

A new webstore is in the works, but it will be some time before it is ready. This is not the end of UT-MC!

Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to join our Discord server through the link in the navigation bar!


Tekkit Classic Giveaway Winners


Here are the winners of the UnknownTekkit Christmas 2022 Giveaway

Steam Gift Card ($20)Pieter369YES
Steam Gift Card ($20)ValentElectron6
1x Master Key ($10)_N_3_R_O_12YES
1x Master Key ($10)YoungSturgeo3YES
1x Master Key ($10)MiniAngilo11YES
5x Random Crate Keys ($3)AlexgotCHU2YES
5x Random Crate Keys ($3)Findarz1YES
5x Random Crate Keys ($3)MystoganxED2YES
5x Random Crate Keys ($3)Cybermoa1YES
5x Random Crate Keys ($3)TheGentleman1_1YES
Immortal Rank ($150)TirithCZ4YES
Emperor Rank ($75)Beansandsuch12YES
Wizard Rank ($30)_ImSeb1YES
2x World Anchor (6 Months) ($18)Slenderdude954YES
2x World Anchor (6 Months) ($18)Charmzisokay5YES

For those of you who won crate keys, ranks, or anchors, those rewards will be applied to your accounts shortly.

The two who won a Steam Gift Card will be contacted in-game with instructions for claiming their prizes.