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Tekkit Classic Giveaway Winners


Here are the winners of the UnknownTekkit Christmas 2022 Giveaway

Steam Gift Card ($20)Pieter369YES
Steam Gift Card ($20)ValentElectron6
1x Master Key ($10)_N_3_R_O_12YES
1x Master Key ($10)YoungSturgeo3YES
1x Master Key ($10)MiniAngilo11YES
5x Random Crate Keys ($3)AlexgotCHU2YES
5x Random Crate Keys ($3)Findarz1YES
5x Random Crate Keys ($3)MystoganxED2YES
5x Random Crate Keys ($3)Cybermoa1YES
5x Random Crate Keys ($3)TheGentleman1_1YES
Immortal Rank ($150)TirithCZ4YES
Emperor Rank ($75)Beansandsuch12YES
Wizard Rank ($30)_ImSeb1YES
2x World Anchor (6 Months) ($18)Slenderdude954YES
2x World Anchor (6 Months) ($18)Charmzisokay5YES

For those of you who won crate keys, ranks, or anchors, those rewards will be applied to your accounts shortly.

The two who won a Steam Gift Card will be contacted in-game with instructions for claiming their prizes.

Goodbye, Vanilla! (Pt.2)


UT-MC Vanilla has officially closed.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of thie Vanilla community. We appreciate you!

Unfortunately, as the Vanilla map is approximately 18GB compressed, or 27GB uncompressed, we are unable to provide a download for it. We hope you understand.

Don't worry about Tekkit Classic, it's not going anywhere! Vanilla wasn't performing as well as we hoped, and the motivation behind it died out, which is why we decided to close it down permanently.

Again, thank you all! We hope to see you over on our Tekkit Classic server!

Goodbye, Vanilla!


As we approach the 1 year anniversary of UT-MC Vanilla, I bring unfortunate news.

UT-MC Vanilla will be closing on January 8, 2023, one full year after this project was launched. The final world may become available for download, size permitting. Keep an eye out here and on our website for more information about this.

There was a great amount of time and effort put into building this server, but unfortunately there just wasn't the interest to sustain it.

A huge thank you to Midnight__Wolf, Murrrin, and Little_Raichu for all your work to make UT-MC Vanilla happen. Your time and dedication is greatly appreciated ❤️

To those who purchased ranks, I have not forgotten about you. Thank you for your support of the server.

BearFacedSoup62, BenJr, Bubbles1077, Colonel_Kakarot, Kowscanfly, Little_Raichu, Matthew_Tian, Midnight__Wolf, Sep132, Spoones, and Visuals01

To each of you I offer these two options:

A > A coupon for the amount you paid for your rank off in the Tekkit Classic store. (Non-transferrable, single use, no minimum cart value.)

B > Wait for a future announcement (in the Tekkit Discord).

If you would like option A, please create a support request in support.

If you would like option B, you'll just have to wait and see.

Map Reset and more!


As previously mentioned, UnknownTekkit will be migrating to a new physical server at Wednesday, November 30, 2022 8:00 PM (More information at in the announcement below!).

We will also be performing a map reset at this time, as it's looking like people are ready for a fresh start.

The migration and map reset together are expected to take less than two hours total.

Here is what will be kept:

  • Ranks, both playtime and paid
  • Playtime
  • Vote Streaks
  • Cloud Chests (Alchemy Bags and Ender Chest/Bags stored in your Cloud Chest will not keep their items!)
  • Consumables (Item kits, in-game money, or claim-blocks purchased within two weeks of the reset will be re-issued)
  • Claim Blocks (128k limit)
  • Waypoints (Client-side, you have to clear those yourself).

If something was not listed here, it's safe to assume it will not be kept.

Want to keep some items through the map reset? Be sure to stick them in your CloudChest with /cc in-game before the map reset! If you haven't been on in a while, be sure to get on and make sure everything is still there. We had some difficulties with our UUID system due to Mojang API changes that may have impacted CloudChest data.

As always, I advise against filling your CloudChest with end-game items, and instead recommend filling it with equipment for getting you started, such as some diamond tools, basic machines, or difficult to find materials like sticky resin.

As always, the map will be available for download at

Notice: these maps are for private use only, unauthorized use on a public server is strictly prohibited.

In addition, happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

And finally, our Black Friday sale begins tomorrow and will run until next Friday! Keep an eye out for some big deals!

We're Moving!


We recently acquired a new and improved server. All UT-MC servers will be unreachable for some or all of this time, as we migrate to the new server.

This migration will be taking place starting at 8:00PM on Wednesday, November 30, Eastern Standard Time. The migration is expected to last approximately four (4) hours.

We're hoping this will go smoothly and quickly, through there may be some hiccups along the way.

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding!

Please reach out to us in the #community-help channel on Discord, or by emailing [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns regarding this migration!



Tekkit2 Server Released

Today, Technic released a new modpack named Tekkit2!

This modpack is meant to be a greatly updated version of Tekkit Classic, with a few new additions.

We have introduced a Tekkit2 server for the community to use while we explore this new modpack!

You can learn more about Tekkit2 by visiting

Come join our Tekkit2 server at!


8th Anniversary


Happy 8th Anniversary to UnknownTekkit!

Thank you all for being a part of the UnknownTekkit community!

In addition to UnknownTekkit being a whopping 8 years old, Tekkit Classic aslo reached a milestone recently! While the exact launch date is uncertain, we can certainly say that Tekkit Classic, as we know it, is now 10 years old! It's incredible to see how long this modpack has held on, despite not receiving any updates in a decade!

In the past year, 2870 individuals opened over 25,000 crates, and played for over 33,000 hours. That's over 3.75 years! We saw over 1650 new users join, and over 30,000 votes were cast on the server lists! This year we also surpassed 50,000 unique users on the server!

In celebration of this, use coupon code UT8Y for 40% off your next store purchase! Valid for one use per user; may be applied to up to 2 of each item; expires June 8, 2022, at 8:00PM EDT

As always, a huge shoutout to the UnknownTekkit staff team. You guys keep this place from burning itself to the ground. Keep up the great work!

And finally, there's a limited edition |8| suffix available in the store to celebrate UT's 8th Anniversary!