General Information

Server Information

Server IP
Game Version
Minecraft 1.17.1

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Voting Information

Minecraft Server List

Voting Rewards1

  • $250 In-Game Money
  • 100 Claim Blocks
  • Additional rewards, such as job boosts or items, may appear from time to time!

1 As of June 27, 2022

Custom Features

Unique Features

ServerElements is a powerful and unique plugin aimed at providing useful and enjoyable features to players.
Current features:
  • Intelligent tree-chopper system
  • Fully UUID-based data storage
  • High-precision playtime and session tracking
  • Hats!
  • Character glow effects
  • Chat color management
  • Nickname management
  • Automatic rankup based on playtime
  • Safe random teleportation
  • Targeted mob/user health bar
  • Advanced punishment issuance and management
  • And more!

Other Features

Want something to do? Get a job! Use /Jobs Help for more commands.
Grief Prevention
Claim your land by using a golden shovel, then trust your friends with /Trust!
Silk Spawners
Always wanted to have your own mob spawner? Now you can! Note: silk touch pickaxe not included!
Right Click Harvest
Tired of breaking crops to harvest? Right click to harvest them instead!

Custom Plugins


ServerElements, commonly labeled as [SE], is our WIP replacement for Essentials and more! ServerElements is focused on providing helpful and enjoyable features for both players and administrators!


Set or clear your chat color1.
Set your character glow color1.
Send a message to another user
Change your nickname1.
View your playtime on the server.
Teleport to a random location.
View your current ranks and conditions for ranking up.
Reply to the last person that messaged you.
View the server rules
See when a user was last online.
View information about the ServerElements plugin.
View a list of your recent sessions on the server.
Toggle reply chat mode on/off. (Enabling reply mode makes all regular chat messages sent be converted to /Reply messages automatically!)


1 Requires special access.