Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ask a question?

We don't have a system on this website for submitting questions currently. If you have a question or concern you'd like addressed, you can contact our staff on Discord (link in the menu), or on the contact page.

How do I join the server?

Check out our getting started page for help setting up Tekkit 2 and joining the server!

I found a bug on the server. Where can I report it?

Bugs can be reported on our Discord server (link in the menu), or on the contact page.

I was banned from the server and I don't know why.

The reason for your ban will be displayed when you attempt to join the server. If no reason was provided ("The Ban Hammer has Spoken!"), you are unsure of the meaning of the provided reason, or would like further clarification about your ban, you can contact us on our contact page.

Does the server have factions, towny, or skyblock?

Nope! This server is purely Tekkit 2 at this time.