Map Downloads

Available Map Downloads:

2021-12-01 (8.1GB Zipped)

Note: This map is for private use only. Use of this map in public servers is not permitted.

How to load a world into Tekkit Classic:

  1. Download the desired world file
  2. Ensure that Tekkit Classic is not currently running
  3. Open your Tekkit Classic installation folder (See the bottom of the page for instructions)
  4. Open the "saves" folder
  5. Move the downloaded world .zip file to the "saves" folder
  6. Unzip the downloaded world .zip file
  7. Rename the 'World' folder to whatever you'd like the world to be named
  8. Delete the downloaded world .zip file
  9. The downloaded world will now be available in your Tekkit Classic single player worlds list

How to locate your Tekkit Classic Installation Folder

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  • The easiest way to find your game's installation folder is launch the game, open the Texture Packs menu, then use the "Open texture pack folder" button, then go up one level so you're in the 'tekkit' folder. You should see several folders such as 'bin', 'buildcraft', 'config', 'mods', and several others
  • On all systems, open the Technic Launcher, select Tekkit Classic, then Modpack Options, then open the Install Folder
  • On Windows, you can open the run window by pressing the window's key and the R key at the same time, then enter '%appdata%\.technic\modpacks\tekkit' without the single quotes on the ends. That should take you to your Tekkit Classic installation folder
  • On MacOS, it should be located at \Users\(Your Name)\Library\Application Support\technic\modpacks\tekkit
  • On Linux, it should be located at \Home\(Your Name)\.technic\modpacks\tekkit


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